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Thank you for  visiting my enchanted world.   There ar e many places to explore.  So...sit back and enjoy your stay.

Once The Dance of The Fae

Once I ran across the sands,
To glimpse a faerie moonlight dance,
To watch them in their faerie glory,
Dancing, chanting, old songs and stories.
Once is one time,
But can last a lifetime,
As I stood by with wondering eyes,
To see the magick work through the night.
Once I stood there on the sand,
Watching the Fae folk weave their dance,
Learning from their chants,
Their folklore of long-ago romance.
Once is enough,
My eyes were closed as the sun came up,
And the Fae had gone to where no one knows,
But the sands were strewn, with their clothes.
I went home and told no one,
Of what I'd seen when there was no sun,
But memory is sweet and that I know,
That once I saw what Fae never show.

by Eryn Young

Last Updated 5/3/2001
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